April 27, 2017


This is Fulldome VJ

Star Wars and Blendy Dome VJ

Mapping Festival 2105

Nest Dome and Blendy Dome VJ

INSIDE THE ABYSS - Halloween 2015

Here is the official recap of our first fulldome party alongside DirtyCake. Thanks to everyone that made it possible. More to come!

Posted by NEST Dome on Thursday, November 5, 2015

Confusion Fulldome Movie - Making-of

Empathy 360º Fulldome AV Show

Confusion - Fulldome Movie

This is Fulldome Art - Moscow Planetarium

Epson Thailand - Showcase Journey in Galaxy Mapping with Blendy Dome VJ

Visiones -Taller de sistemas fulldome con Blendy Dome VJ

Starwood Dome at CoSM. 12.19.2015 with Blendy Dome VJ

Starwood Dome at CoSM. 12.19.2015

Starwood Dome a.k.a. PufferDome, at COSM Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. Dec. 19, 2015Visuals by Vj DoctorMojo, James Barnes, Wizard Eyes Visuals, LevitationTheory. Live rhythm by Ryan Lunderville

Posted by Liquid Light Lab on Tuesday, December 22, 2015